Supersize Me

I love McDonalds!  I don't care what anyone says.  I watched Supersize me a few years ago and totally didn't believe it.  For one, the dude in Supersize me purposefully ate more than he needed to.  And there's always Don Gorske from Wisconsin (see picture), who eats at least one Big Mac a day for the past few decades and has set the Guiness World Record for eating the most Big Macs in a single lifetime ... yeah, he's still skinny.

There's something about McDonalds.  It's like Starbucks.  It has this pull everytime I drive by it.  However they do that good of a job at branding and marketing is amazing.

I do have one complaint about McDonalds - ordering their drinks in the drive-through.  Michelle and I have some of the most random, off the wall, hilarious experiences from ordering coffee and tea at McDonalds ...

-We usually ask for less sugar and cream in our McDonalds iced coffee.  And we usually order their $1 sweet tea - half sweetened, half unsweetened.  Not once has this happened correctly while ordering through the drive through a dozen or so times.  We always have to park, go in and re-order.  And many times in store it is wrongly made as well.

-I once ordered in store, a coffee with half the usual amount of sugar and cream, and somehow the guy behind the counter thought I meant fill the large cup halfway with cream and sugar!  I took a drink and just about spit it out on the counter.  Ran over to the garbage and spit it out and kindly asked for a new drink.

-Michelle once ordered a sweet tea with half sweet tea, half unsweetened tea, and she took a drink ... and somehow ended up with half a cup of sweet tea, and half a cup of ... ready for this ... coffee!