Don't Be Afraid

Almost every book of the Bible has the call "Don't Be Afraid."  If you feel fearful, nervous or worrisome about some situation in your life, you are in good company.  Listen to who God needs to strengthen and encourage in the Word of God:

Abraham - Genesis 46:3 - the Father of our faith

Moses to the people - Exodus 20:20 - freed the people of God from Egypt

Joshua - Joshua 1 - took the people of God into the promised land

Peter - Luke 5:10 - Pillar of the Church

Paul - Acts 27:24 - Pillar of the Church, author of 1/2 of the books in the New Testament

Many times the men and women of God in Scriptures heard this phrase multiple times in their lives.  Whatever you may be facing, as you walk with Christ, you face it in God's strength.