One Life to Live

We only get one chance at life.  One life to live.  One lifetime.  We live it and then it's gone.  Only what's eternal will last.  Significance is found in hearing and responding to the Word and will of God for our lives.

Forget all the apocalyptic claims, this really is the last generation ... your last generation.  What do you want your life to count for?  

Live for happy-ness, live to please yourself and you will get caught in the cunning trap of sin.  Ensnared by what you thought was freedom.

Live for holiness - live your best life as the all knowing God of the universe knows it to be, and you will connect with the great purpose of God through the generations.  

There's no do-overs.  Make the right decisions today.  Love your family, cherish them, let them know they are important by the way you spend your time, and the words that come out of your mouth.  Plug your life into God's calling within your heart - don't settle for anything less.

There's no better time to start than right now.