The ELCA Controversy

I was shocked when I heard the ELCA, the major Lutheran denomination was holding their national convention in Minnesota and actually voting on it being okay to live in sin, and even more disturbing, that openly sinful pastors can still pastor churches.  They voted both through by a small margin.  

There was even more controversy when a major storm swung through Minneapolis, surprising all weather personnel at local TV stations.  A tornado whipped up in the suburbs and headed straight for downtown at the exact time of this vote.  Surprisingly enough it headed straight for the convention center and wreaked havoc outside, also causing some damage outside the chief ELCA church in downtown (where some sessions were being held) - tearing off it's cross from it's steeple!

Now this is just too weird!  Needless to say, everyone was talking about this culmination of events that day.  This strange event had even non-Christians asking questions like, "was this God trying to say something?"  

I'm not an expert on these things, but it seems pretty clear to me.  I don't believe it's God saying he hates these type of people.  Nor are most Christians trying to say God hates people of this lifestyle.  It's simply God saying it's not okay for humanity to vote on it being okay to live in any kind of sin, or for their spiritual leaders to either.