Third Great Awakening

Being a student of history, I am shocked at what it takes for people to admit God is moving today through his Church as he did in the past.  I don't know if it is nostalgia or what, but when we consider the results, revival is taking place today in many places around the world.  

Maybe it's just hard for us to see it in America, because the statistics show that Christianity is growing 3xs the rate of the world's population - but in America only Christianity is decreasing.  Even in the middle east and Europe Christianity is growing by a margin.

In our country, we have been deeply transformed by what historians call the first and second Great Awakenings led by Christian leaders like Jonathan Edwards, Charles Finney, D.L. Moody, John Wesley, George Whitefield and others.  However, today we are likely seeing far more fruit and depth by comparison of numbers.  I feel these men would be in awe of the work of God in some churches across America and around the world today, while of course being stupified by the complacency of others.

Today the largest church in the world is approaching a million members in Seoul, South Korea at Yoiddo Full Gospel Church under the leadership of Pastor Cho.

Today Reinhard Bonkke in Africa is seeing millions turn to follow Jesus Christ, and his ministry estimates over 40 million people that have done so through a single evangelistic ministry.  Here the country of Nigeria alone has gone from under 12% Christian to over 60% Christian in a single generation.

Today Carlos Annacondia has led several million to faith in Jesus Christ across the beautiful nation of Argentina.  He has watched along with other Pastors and leaders as the Church in Argentina (of all denominations) has gone from an average size of just 7 people to churches of 20-50 thousand.  The work of the gospel here is so profound that it is being reported by the media on a regular basis.  Michelle and I attended church services there several years ago that went for over 6 hours, and at another church we had to wait in line to get into one of their 14 weekly services (with 7 on Sunday).

In Bogata, Columbia my older brother Jon attended a conference several years ago held by a church of 250,000.  He especially enjoyed sitting in the weekly youth service which met in a soccer stadium - 70,000 youth meet weekly for youth group.

But it all depends on if you look around to see it or not.  I personally believe we have already had our third great awakening and probably dozens more like it.  But if history repeats itself, then we are bound to not realize what we had until it is gone.