SHAPE the Future of Student Ministry

SHAPE conference.png

Super stoked for the next few days where we will be gathering with several dozen influential youth workers from across the country for a time of seeking the Lord and dreaming together for the next generation of students in America. 

This conference conversation is an exclusive "fly in" about the future of student ministry.  It will be held near Chicago and is an intentional gathering of leaders and one of their mentees, that we helped facilitate alongside Matt's brother Jon Brown, Lead Youth Pastor at Kenosha First Assembly in Wisconsin.

The idea for this is not a new one.  In fact, the original SHAPE gathering happened over 20 years ago under a different title - Strategy Conference.  At that time, under the leadership of some YM gurus of that time, including Jeanne Mayo and Wendell Smith (Judah Smith’s dad) among others. They started with a two-fold purpose: To strategize the future of youth ministry and pour into the next generation of youth ministry leaders. Two of those names that were a part of this historic investment are Art VanZanten, Brian Pingel and Reggie Dabbs.

We plan to continue to build on this legacy and would really cherish your prayers as we meet to dream what could be and should be for the next generation of students in America.

Stay posted for great things to come, including a free downloadable eBook as well as more articles to spur on deeper conversation coming from the official SHAPE website in the month following the gathering.