Michelle and I are taking the next week and a half to two weeks to enjoy some time together for our FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  What a time it has been - went way too fast!

I planned on writing and scheduling several blogs, but felt the Lord direct me to not to do this.  My brother Jon likes to call these weeks "unplugged." God's work goes on without me around, he doesn't need me. He simply chooses to use me and work through me to bring glory to His Name.  

I think this is one of the motives behind why God gave his people the sabbath.  He wanted them to catch a break, but He also wanted them to learn to trust Him - that He was doing the work and that productivity comes from reliance on and obedience to Him.

In this case, I hope absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I'm looking forward to some much needed rest with Michelle.  I also look forward to sharing dozens of things the Lord is putting on my heart for you when we return.