Writer's Conference with Elizabeth Sherrill

I guess this is how dreams get started. For several years I have had a desire to attend a writer's seminar with John and Elizabeth Sherrill. I've read some of their books and have been so impressed by the timelessness of their writing - books written 50 years ago that seem as if they were written last week. And they know how to craft stories of God at work in humanity - there's probably no one better that's alive today.

Elizabeth Sherrill has published some 1500 articles and authored more than 30 books, with sales in excess of 50 million. Book titles, many co-written with her husband John -- include The Hiding PlaceThe Cross and the Switchblade and God's Smuggler. Her most recent book, All the Way to Heaven, recounts for the first time her own journey from atheism to profound commitment.

John and Elizabeth Sherrill met aboard ship on their way to Europe and were married in Switzerland in 1947.  

For 56 years, Elizabeth has been a writer and editor for Guideposts Magazine. In 1970 she and her husband founded a publishing company, Chosen Books, dedicated to developing new Christian writers. Their first title was Born Again by Charles Colson. 

The Sherrills' work has taken them on year-long assignments in Africa, South America and Europe, as well as numerous trips to the Near and Far East, and to each of the 50 US states. Elizabeth has taught writing workshops on five continents. You can read much more about her at ElizabethSherrill.com

I contacted her on her website to see if they were planning any seminars near our area. I would've been willing to drive to attend one of these. Long story short, we are hosting her for a one day Writer's Conference in Minneapolis on Monday, November 14! 

She and I exchanged books, and I've had the honor of chatting with her over the past 8 months in preparation for this opportunity to host her in our region.

So, you are invited: 

Writer's Conference with Elizabeth Sherrill

When? Monday, November 14th - 9 AM – 6 PM

Where? North Central University - small chapel, 910 Elliot Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Cost? $55 - seating is limited, register now to reserve your seat!

Also featuring sessions with …
Scott Noble - Editor of the Minnesota and Seattle Christian Examiners and formerly with Decision Magazine, a publication of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association 

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