Best Coffeehouses in Minneapolis

I'm a huge Starbucks coffee fan, but there are a few coffee houses around town that go above and beyond the quality of Starbucks, Caribou and other chains. They are few and far between, but worth a visit at some point.

Angry Catfish - part bicycle shop, part deluxe coffee roasters. Love their iced coffee - best I've ever had (and iced coffee is my drink of choice)

Kopplins - hole in the wall location near St. Paul, but has delicious cappuccinos.

Rustica - Use clover machines for individually brewed drip coffee, and has the most delicious currant scones (everything in their bakery is good!)

Mayday Cafe - another strange little shop, but great coffee and the largest bakery items you've ever seen for a low price.

French Meadow - quaint, classic favorite of Michelle and mine - coffee is good, but best as a cafe for a good lunch or dinner.

A few other coffee houses you might want to visit are Corner Coffee and The Beat Coffeehouse, run by some friends of ours!