Time For a Break

After months of thought and prayer, I will be taking a several month sabbatical.

I've read about and heard of various Christian leaders taking what is referred to as a "sabbatical" for years, and often wondered if I would ever be able to do something like this. Traveling and itinerant ministry are difficult for this sort of thing. One writer referred to entreprenueralism as "jumping off a cliff and building a plane on your way down." There is some truth in this.

But it seems the time and freedom is now available. We have been doing full-time ministry for about twelve years, and working hard for the Lord, and a break to invest in my soul would be beneficial in so many ways.

Over the past twelve years, I have preached the gospel upwards of 100 live events a year across two thirds of the US and in several other continents. Since social media has come into existence we have focused a significant amount of our efforts on ministering there as well, sending a grand total of 22,000 gospel centered tweets (10 tweets a day for six years) to what is now nearly a quarter million followers on our four ministry accounts. Here I have blogged nearly a thousand articles, consisting of 1/2 million gospel centered words pointing straight to Christ. 

  • For the next few months, I do not know if I will blog, but if God gives me something to say, I will. 
  • I will probably still be tweeting regularly @evangelistmatt 
  • I hope to spend time with family, in prayer, and hopefully reading a book a day during this time. 
  • I am also in the middle of writing my fourth book, and if we hear from a publisher during this time, I will gladly spend some time developing the second half of this work.