Making Sense of God's Plan for You

I've been trusting Christ for 27 years now, and over and over again it has been the most wonderful thing in my life. 

After choosing Jesus Christ as Lord, one of the most important and intimate parts of our lives is discovering God's calling.

I believe God is working out his calling and purposes for us in several important ways, and I hope this will help you make sense of God's purpose for your own life.

Here are the four ways God calls us.

1. Ongoing calling 

A big part of God’s calling on our lives is the day-in, day-out of being faithful with the “little things” He has called us to.

Oftentimes, God isn’t calling us to new things, but to old things

God wants us to remain in Him (John 15:4), and remain faithful to the work He has already called us to (1 Timothy 4:16).

For me, this means being faithful to posting godly content on social media and blogs all week long, regularly learning from and networking with others, sharing the gospel at churches and live events throughout the year, writing books, and many other ongoing callings.

In this area, you don't need God to speak to you again. You know he has already spoken, and until he guides you to stop, you plod on.

What would this be for you?

2. Next steps calling 

God regularly guides us to take next steps in our lives that require great faith, and to work towards projects that we cannot accomplish without Him.

As we work towards big next steps God has led us to, we live lives filled with the miraculous and it becomes obvious God is with us, and is doing what only he can do.

I've been realizing over the past few years I don't want to come to God with my plans anymore. It doesn't mean I'm not planning, it just means I want to be far more focused on walking closely with God, and hearing his will instead of my own.

It's important to have no agenda, other than God’s agenda. 

It's important to hold our "next step callings" loosely and joyfully in the hands of a God who has bigger and more wonderful plans than ours, and who can surprise us at every turn.

Our journey will be much different, and more exciting than we'd ever expect.

3. Future calling 

Often, when God first calls a person, He gives far-off, future vision of what He has in store.

We see this with many of the Bible heroes:

Joseph had a vision of his family bowing down to him, but it took many years, family betrayal, slavery and prison before he was in the position God had shown him.

David was anointed to be the next King of Israel, but also spent many years running from the current King and amassing a following of mighty men before he took over the Kingdom.

God gives us revelations of things that are far off.

Because a life is life-long, when God calls us to give our life to him, it takes a lifetime to fully do it.

4. Who I really am calling 

It's been said, “God is far more concerned with who we are becoming, than where we are going.”

One of the very first steps to discovering God’s calling on our lives is to start looking to obey the many clear directions God’s Word already gives.

As we align our lives with God's Word, God's leading for our future will grow increasingly clear and bright.