Some of My Favorite Quotes From Awakening

It is has been an absolute joy hearing from so many of you picking up copies of my new book Awakening at your local LifeWay or FamilyChristian bookstores, or on amazon.

I love seeing your pictures tweeted of the book, and sharing them.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Awakening. I'd love for you to enjoy and share them with friends!

We get enough bad news these days. We need good news too, for our weary souls. (click to post this)

The Bible shows us over and over again that we don’t need to be perfect in order for God to use us. (click to post this)

We are part of something that is so much bigger than we are. (click to post this)

We need to be awakened to the vastness of God and all He is doing through the church today. (click to post this)

God is doing something historic, and most Christians don’t even know about it. (click to post this)

Many Christians in history would’ve given anything to see what we get to be a part of today. (click to post this)

Most Christians aren’t even close to realizing what they’ve been given in the gospel. (click to post this)

God wants to fill the earth with his glory because his glory heals the earth. (click to post this)

What could God do with your life if you completely gave it to Him and faithfully followed his call? (click to post this)

Even though we encounter pain on earth, the earth is also full of the love and goodness of God. (click to post this)

People are starving for the greatness of God. (click to post this)


There are also some beautifully designed picture quotes of the above quotes here on dropbox. Love for you to share those freely as well.