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The Bible Series

This past fall, Michelle and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a day with Luis Palau and a small group of evangelists from around the country. Luis shared with us throughout the day, along with several other wonderful speakers, including his sons Kevin and Andrew Palau, who are so diligently leading the ministry.

In the evening, the special speakers were TV producer Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey (former Touched by an Angel star). They shared several preview clips of a series they had spent the past three years working on, all culminating in "The Bible Series."

Mark shared his story of coming to the US with several hundred dollars in his pocket, no college education and a dream. He has become one of the most successful TV producers with multitudes of TV shows  (The Voice, Survivor, Shark Tank, Celebrity Apprentice) and other projects that have all taken off. 

Both Mark and Roma shared of their love and passion for Jesus, and his gospel that gives hope and good news to our broken humanity. They shared that the most important, personal project of their life and careers is The Bible Series.

They have spent many years and much of their own financial investment working on this, and have persevered against countless critics and unimaginable obstacles.

They have produced what will be clearly the most powerful, vivid on-screen portrayal of the Scriptures the world has ever seen

They shared the next day at Catalyst Conference before 13,000 church leaders that their desire is that this TV series will funnel people into churches to find hope in Christ.

The Bible Series is coming to The History Channel on March 3rd, 2013, and will be an epic 10-hour television series concluding around Easter time this year. 

Watch video previews of The Bible Series here. Get more info on The Bible Series here. We highly encourage you to engage with their project, and to spread the word to your friends and family on social media networks to get ready for it!