Embrace the Unusual | Tony Evans

Embrace the Unusual

Comebacks are God’s specialty. He loves turning around impossible circumstances. Joseph was taken from prison to the palace, and Christ was taken from the grave to resurrected glory. Our God relishes the chance to make the impossible possible.

God is always with us, but sometimes we don’t sense His presence in our lives because we’re so busy with our own decisions, solutions and plans. That’s why it often takes a crisis to get us face-to-face with God. In order to experience the living God, we often need an experience that calls for that living God to show up.

Here’s how you know when you are really in a crisis—you reach a point of powerlessness that is reflected in your words. How many times have you said, “I can’t do this, Lord. It’s hopeless.”? You are in a crisis when you feel helpless, hopeless and powerless. You do not have the wherewithal to change things, reverse them or correct them at all.

God often brings us to a place of helplessness because He wants us to let go and let God.

But, my friend, that is when God does some of His best work! Did you know that God often brings us to a place of helplessness because He wants us to let go and let God? He wants to be our hero who comes in and saves the day. All we have to do is let Him do what He does so well.

Yet, that scenario is difficult for many of us. That’s why many people don’t get to witness the impossible comebacks God has to offer. His plan seems too easy or too unusual to trust, so we hold on to the issue with our own hands. We try to figure a way to solve it ourselves.

Heaven rules in spite of the situation you face.

Heaven rules in spite of the situation you face. The problem is not yours. The battle is the Lord’s.

So, let me offer you some hope today: whatever crisis you are facing, God is waiting in the wings to deliver you from that crisis. His solution probably won’t look anything like yours, but He will bring you the comeback you’ve been waiting for.

Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and author of over 100 books, booklets and Bible studies. The first African American to earn a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on more than 1,300 US outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. Dr. Evans’ sermons are also streamed and downloaded over 10,000,000 times annually.