A.W. Tozer

Most Retweeted of 2010

In honor of reaching 7,000+ friends on our Think Eternity twitter (@Thinke), thought I'd throw up a quick list of some of our most retweeted tweets on our personal twitters (@evangelistmatt and @_MichelleBrown) and our Nonprofit twitter (@Thinke) over the past 12 months:

Nov 19: Dreaming of a nameless, faceless generation of Christian leaders who are not building up their own little kingdoms but Christ's Kingdom. (13 retweets).

Nov 1: I saw the Gospel lies in the Person of Jesus, He Himself is the Good News, that my one task was to live & to present Him. -E. Stanley Jones (4 retweets).

Oct 19: Why would God subject his only Son to come to earth and suffer a cruel death if hell was not real and there was no other way to salvation? (6 retweets).

Oct 19: Do not concern yourself with your vocation. Concern yourself with ...