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Worship Should Lead to Evangelism? Or the Other Way Around?

You probably know by now that our heartbeat is for evangelism.  But our hearts also beat just as strongly for worship.  Worship and evangelism go hand in hand.  

Many preachers, pastors and evangelists believe when we gather to worship - we should have an outflow of evangelism or some response.  I say the opposite.  

In the words of John Piper, "Missions exists because worship doesn't."

In reality, when we worship and encounter God in this world - I believe our natural response will automatically be an outflow of love for God and the world around us (whether or not we program for it).  

There are times when we should allow the outflow of our worship to result in serving the poor, loving the outcast and spreading the Good News of Jesus.  At other times, it's a great reminder to let worship be an end in itself.

Worship is actually an end in itself.  God created us for this.  In God's priorities, evangelism actually leads to worship.  And that's why we do it!