How to Speak to Youth .. and Keep Them Awake at the Same Time


Finished Ken Davis's book from the 80's, How to Speak to Youth .. and Keep Them Awake at the Same Time, in which he tackles the challenges of speaking to a group of crazy, young people with ADD.  The book was revised in the 90's, but even then, I was surprised by how relevant it still is 15-25 years after it was written.

You may recognize Davis by his Lighten Up! radio spots on behalf of Compassion that air across the country.  He is a motivational speaker and comedian who got his start at youth groups, retreats and camps.

Even thought we've spoken across the country and around the world to large audiences for the past 8 years, I am constantly trying to get better at communicating God's Word, and I still feel like I'm just a beginner.

I have read a half dozen communication and preaching books, but this was the best I've read so far.  Davis is really smart, and he writes about as good as he speaks.  I recommend this book to all communicators ... to youth or not to youth.

Now on to my next read - Speaking to Teenagers by Doug Fields and Duffy Robbins.