Loren Cunningham

The Man Who's Been to Every Nation

While in the Dominican Republic, I read several books, including The Book That Transforms Nations by Loren Cunningham. Loren is one of those godly leaders, who I want to read every single one of his books. He has been one of my heroes for many years, and I had the chance to meet and learn from him several years ago. 

In The Book That Transforms Nations, Loren shares from a unique perspective as a man who has been to every nation on earth. There are only a handful of people in history, probably less than a dozen, who have done this.

Loren shares how the Bible, when it's principles are studied and applied to any person, business or nation on earth, will bring about the blessings that God intended. And the chapters contain practical stories covering individual nations and regions of the world and how their history shows this to be true.

He even points out that a non-Christian who applies the principles of the Word of God to their life or business will even experience blessings here on earth, that a Christian who does not apply, will not

God has given us his commandments for our good. The blessings of God follow adherence to principles with promises found in God's Word.

As I found with my first book Revolutionaries, much of the good that has come down to us today, in American and every other prosperous nation on earth, has come down from sacrificial heroes who have instituted and applied principles found in the Word of God.


I highly recommend you add this important book to your "must-read-soon" list. You can find it on Amazon here.