Radiant Church

Make Your Mark Over the Next 100 Years

We were so honored to be asked by the National Office of the Assemblies of God denomination to share our story during the Make Your Mark Video Conference, which took place yesterday.  We shared alongside several dozen other leaders from across the country, including Mark Batterson, Rob Ketterling, Lee McFarland, Scott Wilson and more.  We were asked to share how we are making our mark on the movement as we approach nearly 100 years since the denomination began, and also to share some of our dreams for the movement over the next 100 years.

The Assemblies of God denomination (among others) is responsible for so much of the spiritual formation in both Michelle and my life.

The Assemblies of God denomination is a worldwide movement representing more than 63 million adherents worldwide after less than a century of existance.  Including for instance, there are more Christians attending Assemblies of God churches in the country of Brazil alone, than the entire Mormon religion worldwide. You can watch our video below or on AGTV.org.