Susie Larson

Know Your Role

Are you walking through a time of spiritual opposition? Does it seem as though the air is ‘sharper’ around you? Here’s something I’ve learned about how to stand strong against the enemy’s schemes. James 4:7: "Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."

All too often we cower when the enemy comes against us. And, it’s worth noting, that we also seem a little unbending when God brings correction to us. We get it backwards. It shouldn’t take much to bring us to our knees before the Living God. And it should take a whole lot to knock us off our feet when the enemy tries to take us out.

Let me take James 4:7 one part at a time: the word "submit" is a military term and means to get back in rank.

We're out of rank when we get ahead of God

We’re out of rank when we get offended with God (when He doesn’t give us what we want when we want it; when He doesn’t do what we think He should do)

When we refuse to forgive

When we undermine authority

When we choose to be cruel

When we embrace superiority

When we judge others

When we trust ourselves more than God

When we withhold resources that belong to God and His work

These are just a few examples of how we step out of rank and take matters (or an ungodly perspective) into our own hands. These are also ways we open doors for the enemy to get to us. He’ll access every opening we give him to steal, kill, and destroy all that’s beautiful and abundant about our lives.

So, especially if you sense the enemy has stepped up his attack against you, it’s time to submit to God. You’re no match for this enemy on your own. But with God, that enemy is no match for you!

Submit to God. Get back in rank. Honor the Lord first and foremost in your life. Acknowledge the ways you've stepped out of His best will for your life.

Then what’s next? "Resist the devil."

Here’s where things get amazing. Though he started out chasing after you, looking for even the slightest opportunity to take you out, things take a sudden turn. When you submit to God and then resist the devil, he has to flee from you. The word, "flee" means to "escape, run for his life."

The devil starts out chasing you, and ends up running for his life to get away from you.

Our authority comes from Christ. We are more powerful as a private in the army of God, staying in rank, and taking orders from Him, than we are a wannabe general, out of the will of God, thinking we can stand on our own, thinking we know better than God what's best for us.

We’re safest and most powerful when we're in step with our Savior, who happens to be the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and General of all generals.

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