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In Case You Haven't Heard of These Worship Leaders

Photography Brandon Werth l Model Pradeepan JeevaI can't get away from posting a blog every few months of my favorite worship music. It's in my system. I'm always so excited about the new stuff I'm hearing, that I've got to share it with you here.

Here are some of my favorite worship artists, that you may not know about yet. Some of them have an international presence, but aren't as talked about in circles I'm around. Others are up and coming, and not on the international scene yet. 

Will Reagan & United Pursuit - recently discovered these guys out of Knoxville, Tennessee and can't stop listening - God is using this album in huge ways in my heart

Dave Pedde - former professor of worship at University we attended in Minneapolis.

Roger & Lisa Coles - close friends of ours from Washington DC who's best albums are yet to come out.

David Santistevan - another good friend in Pittsburgh, who is a widely read worship blogger.

The Spark - just release another killer album, hailing from out near Chicago

Generation Unleashed - out of Portland, Oregon comes fresh sound of worship

Planetshakers - touting from Australia, a different sound than Hillsong, but same anointing

Chris Quilala - my favorite of the Bethel and Jesus Culture movement happening out of Redding, California

Cory Asbury - my favorite of the International House of Prayer movement happening out of Kansas City

Matt Crocker - my favorite of the Hillsong next generation rising up

Kathryn Scott - known far more by her songs "Hungry," "Air I Breathe," and others from a past Vineyard album. I believe she leads at a church in Ireland.

I haven't even begun to go into several buddies around the Twin Cities, who deserve a page of their own in the future: Mark Alan, Jon Wise, KK Brink, Chris Greseth, Marcus Montana, Ryan Williams, Kirk Graham and others. I believe God is doing something unusual in the Twin Cities and is birthing new songs for our generation out this area. Wait and see.