In the New Year...

One of my prayers for this New Year is two-fold: That I would be bold to pray for, and step into all God has for me, but also that I would not be too ambitious or unwise. There is a fine line here.

Scripture says that "The righteous are bold as a lion." There should be a certain boldness to those people who follow God. Do we realize that "everything he has belongs to us?" Do we realize that we have power with God to move mountains?

If we are not happy with our current circumstances, we have all authority in Christ to "approach the throne of grace" and pray for change. We are never powerless as believers, rather we have power with God to move mountains.

Moving mountains often requires "praying through." One simple prayer in Jesus' Name is powerful beyond our comprehension, but many times we must keep on praying until we see God's clear answer. When we pray, we should never give up or lose heart.

On the flip side, we also don't want to be overly ambitious, or assume we have the understanding or perspective that only God can see. We have this treasure in jars of clay, so we must remain close to the potter as he molds our lives and directs our steps before us. We must always be careful that we don't fall and that we are standing firm. This requires a continual dependence on God and His help and direction for each step of our lives.