Power of Being Plugged In

"Christianity boring? So is the best TV program if your set isn't plugged in. Be plugged in with God and you won't be yawning," wrote a recent tweet from Reinhard Bonnke

He should know, he has preached the gospel to more people than nearly anyone in human history!

Michelle and I watched a 60 Minutes special recently on this brotherhood of monks that live on an ancient peninsula in Greece for centuries now. It looks like it is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. You might have asked yourself at some point - why would someone ever do that? Why would they join a monastery? Why would they devote their life to prayer and fasting? Why would they sacrifice the God-given right to marriage? Why would they slink away to the corners of the earth to hide away and live on nothing like this? 

I feel like I can see it clearly, because of many seasons of devoted prayer and study that I have partaken in. It's really vividly clear to me. When you get away, when you plug in to the power of God, when you live the life God has called you to live - there's nothing better.

It's addicting being in God's Presence in prayer and worship

It's addicting walking light and free from unforgiveness and sin that tries to run rampant and wreak havoc in our hearts, lives and relationships 

It's addicting digging in to the very Words of God, intaking it as spiritual Bread and living Water so we never feel thirsty again

It's addicting walking in purposes God has created you for, since the inception of creation

It's addicting communing with like minded believers and doing the Christian life together

It's addicting sacrificing time, energy and money for the Kingdom of God 

It's addicting sharing the hope of eternity with God with those who do not yet comprehend it

What are you waiting for? Let's do this.