can a nation be saved in a day

1 Nation 1 Day

This past weekend, I spent several days in San Pedro Sula, Honduras to be with friends who were putting on a historic gathering across the entire nation, called 1 Nation 1 Day

This concept was taken from a prophetic promise in Isaiah: "Can a nation be saved in a day. Can a country be brought forth in a single moment."

This beautiful, green nation in Central America stacked between Guatemala and El Salvador has had the most homicides per capita of any other in the world. There are many needs across the nation, both physical and spiritual.

My friends Dominic and Lindsay Russo, barely on the cusp of their thirties have been praying and planning for years, and last week, nearly two housand young Americans, mostly in their twenties converged on the nation to live out and speak of the gospel. 

Their organization Missions.Me specializes in taking believers on mission around the world for short periods of time, known as “short term missions.” Previously, the largest team they had taken was several hundred, but this week the largest foreign mission team in history came together to blitz the nation with the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

Together, alongside thousands of Hondurans, they preached the gospel in every single school in the nation.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical supplies were shipped in on eighteen freights, and thousands of people were given free medical care, who could not previously afford it. Also, 110,000 pairs of free shoes were given to people who needed them.

We participated in a massive Pastors and leaders conference the day before the event. Twenty-two thousand Pastors and leaders gathered to pray for the divine blessing of God on their nation in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigulpa. They put their faith together to pray and believe that God would bring change that only He could bring.

On Saturday, 1 Nation 1 Day was officially held. And get this: more than one million people participated in stadiums across the nation, in massive outreaches in all eighteen regions and major cities. That is 1 out of every 7 Hondurans were in stadiums simultaneously! Many more millions more participated through TV and radio, as all six major Honduran Television networks aired the historic gathering, virtually every radio station aired the broadcast, and every major newspaper in the country shared a front page story the next morning about the gathering, and "La Nueva Honduras" (The New Honduras).

Even more: The President of Honduras himself, along with the entire congress participated by passing this day into law, and being present and promoting the gatherings in each area. I sat in the green room as President Lobo, along with Dominic, called the nation to a “New Honduras” of peace and goodwill, and trust in God on National television.

Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people turned to follow Jesus Christ in a single day. I watched this with my own eyes. This was the work of God. 


Please pray with us for the nation and people of Honduras, for their continued good. Please pray that God will also use this gathering to catalyze similar movements in other governments and nations of the world.