cape town 2010

Lausanne Movement Young Leaders

Michelle and I spent several days this week at Lausanne Movement's North American Young Leader's Consultation in Madison, Wisconsin.

This was a historic, first ever gathering of young Pastors and para-church leaders from across the US and Canada. I cannot put into words what a joy it was to participate in this.

I've been a huge fan of everything Lausanne for years, since I first heard of it. I've already blogged on it several times. Including being an official blogger for the Capetown 2010 gathering.

The young leader's gathering consisted of about 100 young leaders in their 30's and 40's from a wide array of backgrounds and cultures, and from every corner of North America. Honestly, I felt like a minority in many ways, and loved every minute of it. Leaders planting effective, diverse churches across the country, with a sole desire for God's glory. It was amazing.

The Lausanne Movement was started by Billy Graham in the 1970's and passed on to other leadership. It constitutes one of the largest, most diverse gatherings and colletions of Christian leadership from around the world. When asked about Lausanne, Billy Graham, now in his 90's, recently told someone with lit eyes, and a big grin: "The spirit of Lausanne ... is one of humility, fellowship, collaboration, evangelism and incarnation."

Lausanne gathers these leaders around world evangelization. Billy Graham said early on: "World congresses tend towards gathering to reconcile man-to-man; Lausanne needs to gather to reconcile man-to-God." This emphasis on praying, caring and sharing the Gospel to our fellow man is it's true foundation.

So many stories I could share, and new friendships formed. The future of the Church is as bright as the promises of God.