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Effective Recognition is Frequent

Love these few paragraphs from a book I read portions of this past week called The Daily Carrot Principle.  Some great thoughts on how to treat co-workers and team members in any field!

"Before we work with corporate groups, we send out surveys that ask employees to note the last time they were recognized for their good work.  The majority of people we survey say it's been at least six months since their last public recognition moment, and about a third say it's been longer than a year.

Imagine if you spouse or significant other only said, "I love you" once a year.  How would that go over?  Everyone understands the need for frequent recognition in our personal lives, but what about at work?

Remember that effective recognition is frequent.  Your methods should vary from providing specific words of encouragement, to hand writing a note of thanks, to thanking  a team member in a staff meeting, and so on.

Your personal relationships need "I love yous" and your business relationships need "thank yous."  Just don't get the two mixed up."
From The Daily Carrot Principle by Gostick and Elton