Anatomy of a Movement

How do we move into all God has for us? How do we seek the evangelization of the entire world in our generation? We certainly cannot do it alone!

Love what Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth with a Mission share this past weekend at Bethany International's Commission 2011 - "We decided to embrace the "all's" and the "every's" in Scripture even if we didn't know exactly how God was going to do this." Today, YWAM has over 5 million alumni around the world who have been through their mission training school, and mission bases in nearly every nation of the world. As Loren shared, one couldn't help but feel that the Gospel would soon be preached to every person on earth - ushering the soon return of Christ in the next decade.

We need each person to do their part. We need to inspire each other to good works (Hebrews 10:24). We need to train trainers (2 Timothy 2:2) to instill the Word of God into more and more hearts across the earth.

In this utterly integral movement of the Kingdom of God on earth, we must join hands and care about each other's ministries and work for the Lord! We are all interconnected - join with those who are walking true to the core doctrines of the faith and let's consider what we can do to further each other's mission.

Consider today how you can serve another person's ministry. Tweet about their work, retweet their blogs, exclaim the work God is doing through someone besides you! We're in this together for the salvation of precious souls to the glory of God! 

Only Christ is responsible for the initial ripple of this God sized movement and we are all simply reflections from there, building together on His foundation!