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Can a Nation Be Saved?

It is great to ask "how then can I be saved?" as the gathered crowd exclaimed to Peter on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2. But it is far greater to ask "how can they be saved?" or "how can we pass on this faith to the world Jesus loves, and not keep it to ourselves?"

"Can a nation be saved?" Love that line from a song by one of my favorite worship leaders Matt Redman. Really the question that Lausanne Movement asked at their Cape Town 2010 gathering this past fall was "Can the world be saved?" as they gathered for their 3rd congress on world evangelization since Billy Graham initiated the first congress in the 1970's. 

Something about the audacity of a question like that makes me shiver with excitement. Yes, as the video below exlaims "We believe the future is as bright as the promises of God!" If you haven't yet watched the recap video from South Africa this past fall, it is a MUST WATCH. 

It was such an honor to serve as one of the official bloggers for the Cape Town 2010 gathering, and also now to stay connected with Jon Hirst, the blogger network coordinator for Cape Town 2010 (he now assists me in passing on great evangelistic tweets on one of our affiliate ministries Emerging Evangelists).

I sensed God Presence in such as powerful way as I watched the recap, and pray you will too. So excited for what God has in store for future Lausanne gatherings!