holiest calling

What is the Holiest Vocation?

It's about time someone came out and said it: all vocations are equal before God. All believers and followers of Christ have the same access to the same graces from God.

I've been realizing that we should focus more in our lives on who we are becoming, than where we are going. As Martin Smith said at a recent conference at Hillsong, "being a history maker is whole lot less about what goes on up here [on the stage] and a whole lot more about what's going on in here [in our hearts].

I can't stop thinking about Daniel lately. I posted on my facebook two weeks ago - "Daniel knew how to get serious with God, and God took him seriously. Look at how this guy prayed in Daniel chapters 9 and 10." An acquaintence named Isaac commented on my post – "When angels tell you that they wish they could have helped you sooner, you're doing something right!" So good, so true!

It doesn't matter our vocation. The same rules apply to all of us. If we want to be effective for God, we have to be effective with God.

Our heroes in Scripture were not all preachers or Pastors.
Moses was a farmer and travel guide
David was a farmer, soldier and eventually became King
Elijah was a consultant to politicians and famous people
Job was a wealthy, successful businessman (really, the Warren Buffett of his day)
Peter worked on a TV show … I don’t know if you’ve heard of it … "Deadliest Catch"
The list goes on...

Bottom line: There is not a special anointing on a preacher or Pastor. There is a special anointing on walking closely with God.

So, what is the holiest vocation or calling? To do exactly what God calls you to do, and to walk with God.

As Mother Theresa said, "This is holiness: to do His will, with a big smile."