how do I get blessed by God

God Has Already Spoken

I had the opportunity to speak at a Christian University this fall, along with several other leaders. We each spent time researching and telling the students about various periods of revival in the history America.

There have actually been many times in the history of America, when Christianity has been on the decline, and wickedness has been on the rise. During many of these times, morals and values have been questioned and discarded, and it has seemed faith was no longer relevant. 

During the first and second Great Awakenings, Christianity would explode back on the scene, and church attendance would spike from a small percent to millions more people in a matter of years. 

The general sense of these awakenings was a great conviction of sin, and a strong sense of God's reality.

In the Second Great Awakening, one of the leaders, Charles Finney called people to simply obey what God had already told them to do in the Bible, and the refreshing of God would automatically happen in their lives.

God is always speaking through His Word, and there are many things God has already spoken and told us to do in His Word, that would change everything in our lives, if we would simply obey.

The blessing of God follows adherance to the Word of God. Do what God has already told you to do, and you will grow in the way God has called you to grow, and be blessed in the way that God has promised to bless.

There are blessings and graces that God wants to give us. Remember, that God knows what is best for our lives, plans what is best for our lives, and calls us to what is best for our lives. Romans 8 tells us that He "works out all things for the good of those that love Him." When we obey God, and obey His Word, we set ourselves up for the refreshing and the blessing that comes along with obedience.


Are there areas in your life that God has already spoken in His Word about, that you need to respond to, in order to experience God's forgiveness, blessing and favor?