how does God see things

Who's Call Will You Believe?

The world of sports is being turned upside down as fans are now becoming more than spectators. People on the sidelines are now snapping photos, videos as they text, tweet and update their friends on calls made by referees. The NFL has added the ability to challenge and change calls, causing referees to re-check their calls in major moments of the game.

Perspective changes everything.

I've been awakening to the idea over the past few years that as Christians, we must turn over our perspectives and understanding to God's perspectives and understanding.

God states in Genesis 8:21, "For the imagination (strong desire) of man's heart is wicked from his youth." We must then decide - will we believe wicked man's (ie - our own) view of self goodness or a perfect God's perfect view?

I love what Billy Graham said in a sermon once: we may look at a diamond and see it's beauty, but a jeweler looks in and immediately knows it's flaws. God is like The Great Jeweler, He looks in and sees the deep things of a man's heart. 

As we come to God, we must ultimately trust His Word and His perspective as One who sees and knows all things. We must not base our understanding of love and wisdom on limited human terms, but on how God has defined these words to mean in His Scriptures.

In the words of a good friend Mark Alan's song, "I come to the cross where love was defined. And that love in turn defines my life."