pandora worship

Claiming the Promises of God

There is huge Scriptural backing to the concept of claiming the promises of God.  In fact, it seems this is a spiritual practice God wants us to be involved heavily in.

You may have already heard, our 95.3 Praise FM Fall Sharathon reached our goal of $150,000 for 30% of our needs over the coming 12 months.  It did not happen without a fight.  Not only did we have phone volunteers and other sorts of helpers, but we included full time intercessors - at times up to a dozen individuals interceding for around 9 hours a day.  Our studio was filled with a strong sense of the Presence of God, and I am walking away from this past week feeling closer to the Lord simply because I was around this kind of persistent prayer and worship.  Often you could see these intercessors reading through the Scriptures and claiming the promises of God.  They would take a verse and remind God of who He is and what He said He would do for the glory of His Name and the advancement of His Kingdom on earth.  

Some interesting points came up as many of us prayed continually.  If our needs in life (all of us have needs) were not there, there may not be a reason to seek the face of God.  Thus, obstacles, hardships and needs are essential to people of great faith - those who desire to remain dependent on the Lord.

I also was reminded of the story of the persistent widow that Jesus taught us in Luke 18.  Why would the Lord teach us such things - to bug Him, to keep going after Him for our needs - if He did not desire this from us.  There is a sense in which God desires and requires this of us in order to fulfill His purposes on earth.  I found myself praying "Lord, we will not let up.  We will continue to ask of you.  We will continue to seek you.  This must be done."  

All the while, there was heartfelt thanksgiving and worship being offered up to God for what He had already done.  What a refreshing experience!  We each can play a pivotal role in the advancement of the Kingdom of God in our generation, for the glory of God!