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Tell Your Story to Future Generations

Our home church has been in a series on relationships, and one of the highlights over the past month has been several couples in our church sharing their stories over video. Here was the most recent from Dave & Cathy:

I have two thoughts after seeing this video:

1. Importance of Obeying the Promptings of the Holy Spirit
Dave shared more of his story, that he hadn't wanted to lean over and put his arm around his wife and tell her he loved her, but he felt the Holy Spirit prompting him to do so. He wrestled with God for more than 20 minutes. This happened night after night. Yes, God will bring restoration in our relationships, but we must be obedient to the promptings of His Holy Spirit in our lives! 

2. Importance of Telling Your Story to Future Generations
I had no clue that this couple had been through anything at all! I've seen them around church (we have a rather large church, so didn't know them personally) and have watched their love for the Lord. I would never have guessed they had such a testimony of God's grace. Their story can bring healing and godly wisdom to so many young couples. It is so important for grandparents and parents to share their stories of God's amazing grace and faithfulness with future generations!


If you would like to practice sharing your story, we'd love to hear a testimony of God's amazing grace and faithfulness in your life ...