prayer warfare

Battle is Won in Prayer

Would you please pray with us for our upcoming Ignite - Student Evangelism Conference in the Twin Cities on September 9-10?

We understand the limited ability of events in the discipleship process, but we also are part of a Church that grew by 3,000 people because of a single day event in the early church years. Peter preached on the day of Pentecost after the Holy Spirit fell upon them in prayer. We must never underestimate what God can do in a single day through a single event. Especially when God directs his people to put one on. This is how we (Church) got started.

Discipleship doesn't happen solely through relationships. Events have and always will be part of the discipleship process. Church services each week are an event, with the goal of building spiritual momentum in believer's lives. Events help people get a new perspective and a new vision for what God has for them. Many events also are hugely beneficial as they bring unity between various congregations and have a deeper impact in the community.

With that said, we believe Ignite is the heart of God. We are praying that everything God desires will be accomplished in the lives of the next generation across our region. Will you pray with us toward this end? 

We would love for you to write a prayer on the Ignite prayer wall here and join with us in the "prayer-battle."