God Provides Lack

When we talk about the provision of God, we almost always refer to God's provision in material needs and wants.

But God's provision goes much deeper and promises much more than trivial worldly goods. God's goal is often about spiritual provision in our lives. God knows we need heart renovation more than any other thing in this world.

Spurgeon stated, "Forgiven sin is better than accumulated wealth. The remission of sin is infinitely to be preferred above all the glitter and the glare of this world's prosperity."

Scripture clearly shows the benefits of seasons of lack and pain that become testings and trials to our faith but that draw us into a new understanding of God's heart, reality and ways. In this way, God often provides lack materially so that He can provide many spiritual benefits in our hearts and lives.

God provides lack.

Seriously? Yes.

God provides lack to remove our dependancy on things other than the Gospel. For our ultimate good.

God is at work in our lives, and wants to remove everything that keeps us from being fully dependant on Him and what He has already accomplished on the cross. Often times God wants us to wait in patience for His answer to come and for His next steps in our lives. We want it to be easy, but He wants it to create endurance which breeds trust and relationship.

Often times our insecurities can reveal what we were trusting in instead of God's faithfulness. God's grace to provide us lack helps us depend on Him alone. In His incredible grace, He allows us to walk through these season for our ultimate good.