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God Makes the Good News Good

Just finished one of the most impacting books I've ever read. In my top ten all time favorite books, and the #1 evangelism book I have read to date as well!

For some reason, I am very picky about evangelism books that I read, not wanting to even mention them as a resource. Interestingly, the two books that I would most highly recommend in the area of evangelism are ones that focus on the content and message of the Gospel, rather than how to present it. They would be Piper's (not even sure if he would refer to his book as an evangelism book?) and Revival's Golden Key by Ray Comfort, which focuses on the importance of presenting the message of eternity with the gospel, rather than just speaking of it offering peace and happiness in this life.

In God is the Gospel, John Piper points us to the supreme point of the gospel, which is seeing and savoring God in Jesus Christ. It is a deeply theological book, and can be at times tough to take in, yet so powerful and brilliant.

The benefits of the good news are forgiveness of sin, redemption, atonement, Christ's righteousness imputed, eternal life in heaven, salvation from hell, peace, joy and a million other blessings, but the ultimate good of the gospel is that we get God himself. All these other gifts are a loss compared to seeing and beholding the glory of God, and knowing God himself!

Highly recommend you pick up a copy on desiring God's website or comment below to have a chance to receive a copy free in the next week or so.

Note: I'm giving away 10 copies of God is the Gospel by John Piper. Comment below for a chance to receive one. Ten people will be picked from the comments one week from the date this blog posted.