Ministry is What Happens in Between

A preacher from Argentina once shared at our church exclaiming, "the stage up here is only so big and can only hold so many of us, but there is a stage out there that God has called all of us to."

Realizing more and more that ministry is not so much what happens on stage. Ministry has a whole lot more to do with what happens off stage. Ministry is what happens in between.

Preaching and the proclamation of the Gospel will always be a staple in the Kingdom of God - it is the way God has chosen to spread the message of His Son since the beginning of time. There is nothing quite like large events and gatherings to propel believers into Kingdom callings, but much real, genuine, life-changing ministry takes place in between services and sermons.

Facilitating Kingdom relationships, living the life of a servant and working hard behind the scenes are vital components to the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

God can do more to change a life as we walk with people and live out a life of servanthood.

Love what Rick Warren tweeted recently: To impact a moment - tweet. To impact a week - preach a sermon. To impact a year - write a book. To impact a generation - mentor a leader.