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My Mom's Gonna Be on Oprah!

No joke. It's a long story, but here goes. I shared in a blog many months ago the story of my mom, a self employed house cleaner, witnessing to a lady by the name of Janet Boynes.  

It happened over a decade ago.  My mom had gone to our local youth group, where she served as a youth leader.  A small church in Maple Grove, MN with about 150-200 people.  The church where I grew up.  She dropped me and brother's off at home and went to clean a business office that she still cleans periodically.  After this, she went grocery shopping at Cub Foods at about 3 in the morning to pick up some food for our lunches in the morning.

On her way out, with her grocery bags in her cart, she began to load the car.  A lady next to her was also loading her car, and they struck up a conversation. Through a short conversation, including some very specific things my mom felt the Holy Spirit tell her to share, Janet ended up coming to our church.

After this short witnessing conversation, Janet soon left a lifestyle of homosexuality and drug abuse and began regularly attending church and receiving healing from her past life. You can read more of the story about Janet's upbringing and testimony on my previous blog, and I also highly encourage you to pick up a copy of her book!

Now over a decade later, Janet has authored a book sharing her story, and has been featured on TV and radio networks across the country as a story of hope that we can choose our own path in life, no one is stuck in homosexuality if they don't want to be, and that Christ's power is strong enough to help us change from any lifestyle if we would like to. 

So, yes, you can watch my mom and this incredible true story in a documentary airing on March 8th at 9:00 PM Central Standard Time on the new Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) on Our America with Lisa Ling. 

Would love your prayers for this story to impact lives across the country and around the world.