Two Great Morning Prayers

I didn't expect the response we'd recieve from our recent question on our facebook and twitter. I asked "if you could summarize your heart's prayer to God each morning, what would it be?" We heard from more than 60 of you within a few hours, with dozens of responses on twitter and even more on facebook. Some of these flagship prayers in your lives, that we heard over and over again were:

Let your will be done in my life ... May my life bring you glory ... Use my life for your purposes ... Be with me and my family ... Thank you for all you've done ... I love you Lord ... Salvation for family and others ... Come quickly 

I want to share two more strategic prayers that you may want to add to your arsenal. I think these are two great regular heart cry's to bring to God. Both of these prayers I have overheard from other Christian leaders, and have taken on as my own:

1. Lord, help me to do something today that will last for eternity
This life will soon be past, and only what's done for Christ will last. One of the greatest prayers we can pray is asking God to anoint us to be a part of bringing hope to the world around us. It may be a full-out evangelistic encounter where we share the gospel and lead someone to faith in Christ, or it may be as simple as a good deed done or kindness shown that point people around us to the reality of Christ in our lives.

2. God, what's on your heart? 
Lord, I don't come with my own agenda. I lay my plans today aside, and long to be a part of your purposes in the world. What would you have for me today? How can I serve you?


Feel free to comment with any other prayers you might add to these lists?