why Christmas?

Jesus Came, Jesus Coming

The season of advent has traditionally been a time of preparing not only for the Christmas celebration of the birth of Jesus, but also a time of fasting and heart preparation for the soon return of Jesus Christ.  A reminder that He came to us once to die, but will come again to raise the dead!  He came to us once in meekness, but is coming again in majesty!  Author Leonard Ravenhill expounds on this truth:

"Compared with the world's populations, only a few people expected Christ's first coming.  So it is now.  The Christians expecting His appearing are few against the millions of unbelievers in the world.  

The first tie He came, He entered by a woman's womb.  
And no one saw Him enter
The next time He comes,
"every eye shall see Him"!

The first time He came as a Lamb.
The next time He is coming
as the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

The first time He came to redeem.
The next time He is coming to reign.