The following books have been authored by Matt Brown. Every purchase of a book helps support the ministry of Think Eternity as we help people build their life around the Gospel. 


Truth Plus Love

The Jesus Way to Influence

Imagine what our world might look like if Christians became known for remarkable love, as well as life-giving truth.

The stakes are high and the need is great for Christians to represent Jesus to a watching world. And today, we have more influence than ever before--for better and for worse. We are among the first generations to have access to a global megaphone through social media. But it's not enough to speak truth louder to a noisy culture. To counter the reputation Christians have earned, our love must be just as loud.



What Would Happen If You Reminded Yourself Of The Gospel Every Day?

What would happen if you reminded yourself of the gospel every day? The gospel not only saves us, it also sustains us throughout our lives. We will never be perfect, and so we will always rely on what Christ has done for us and how it defines us. Too many of us are living our lives without grasping the giant potential of fully living out God’s purpose – because we don’t know who we really are.



How God's Next Great Move Inspires & Influences Our Lives Today

We keep hearing about weakening faith in our country, but God is alive and well in America. He is working right here and now in people of faith. This book will awaken your heart and soul to his presence and to the power of Christianity today, which will in turn ignite your faith and change your world.