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Jesus Changes Everything.

Our friend Ryan recently told us how he came to Christ through an invite to church, eventually led his entire family to Christ and now through a God-given dream has held worship nights around America in which 50,000 people have come to Christ! This is the ripple effect of sharing the gospel with just one person that truly receives the message.

This is why we work so hard to get the gospel to people, because we believe Jesus changes everything for people, and then these people go on to impact their families and communities for generations to come!

Every year we focus on creating and sharing content, media and experiences that help people find the hope of the gospel. In the past 12 months, we touched more than 65 million people with the gospel online, and thousands of people at our live events.

Your giving is immensely important in how many people we can touch with the hope of the gospel. Your giving is changing lives, because it’s pointing people to Jesus.