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The Gospel Influence Summit

A one-day private gathering, hosted by Matt Brown and Think Eternity, to learn and grow in your digital influence to help people build their life around the Gospel.  It’s all about leveraging the influence God has given you to expand the Kingdom of God.

With social media influencers and evangelistic organizations represented, this small gathering will help bridge the gap between those with great levels of audience/attention and those with great levels of mission/need.

As an attendee you should walk away with inspiration to utilize your digital influence for Kingdom-building and practical ways to engage with influencers to expand the reach of Kingdom needs.

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Desperation Conference (Matt Brown)

Matt Brown will be speaking at Desperation Conference 2018 on July 11th.

Desperation exists to help sculpt a generation that desires to live a life in desperate pursuit of God. We believe that when we unite and pray, God brings change to our generation as we intentionally make disciples of Jesus. We challenge every student to consecrate their lives before God, passionately seeking His presence, interceding for their generation, and living beyond themselves as missionaries in their communities.

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