The Think Eternity Influencers Program

A Partnership with CV Outreach

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It’s time we did more than just post great content.

what if…

…we could use social media to directly connect people who need the Gospel into local church communities?

What if…

…we could make these local church connections at scale? In all 50 states, and in countries around the world?

Introducing the
Think Eternity Influencers Program

Think Eternity has partnered with CV Outreach to provide Kingdom-minded influencers from across the internet with a scalable way of connecting their followers directly into motivated local church communities.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up below, and we’ll regularly send you links that you can push out through your favorite channels. We want to meet people where they have their greatest needs: finding true happiness, feeling deep loneliness and isolation, struggling with lust, recently lost a loved one, etc.

  2. The landing pages that these links point to are not ordinary landing pages… Whenever a Seeker connects through one of these landing pages, their response will be automatically routed directly to the CV Outreach church partner that is closest to the Seeker.

  3. CV Outreach has church partners in all 50 states, and in various countries around the world ready to connect with these Seekers, grab coffee with them, answer their questions, and share the Gospel one on one.

  4. We’ll be able to see exactly how many of these local church connections we are making through the Think Eternity Influencers Program, and celebrate together all that God is doing through this unique effort.

If you are interested in joining, simply fill out the form below.

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