Truth plus love
launch team

Publisher: Zondervan
Releases: April 23, 2019

Thank you for your interest to join my TRUTH PLUS LOVE launch team!

The group is already more than 100 friends strong! I am looking for 500 people to join this launch team. There is a limited time to join.

3 benefits of joining the launch team:

  1. You will get exclusive announcements in this group.
  2. You will get you early readings of the book before everyone else.
  3. There will be more than 50 giveaways for those who complete goals #2 & #3 below. More than 50 people in the group, who complete the goals, will be randomly selected to win a Delta gift card to fly anywhere in the US, Beats Headphones, Free Starbucks for a month, an Amazon Echo Dot, an Amazon Fire Tablet, special TRUTH PLUS LOVE merch, and more!

3 goals I’m asking for from you:

  1. On April 23, 2019 (wait until this day), buy two paperback copies of TRUTH PLUS LOVE, from Amazon, and your local Barnes & Noble.
  2. On April 23, 2019 (wait until this day), post a review on amazon.com and bn.com
  3. Share about the book creatively (on your socials, message friends, telegrams, smoke signals) Tell your friends, family and followers about the book.

Want to join the TRUTH PLUS LOVE Launch Team?