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Helping You Build Your Life Around The Gospel


Our Founder, Matt Brown

Matt Brown is an evangelist, author, and founder of Think Eternity - a ministry dedicated to amplifying the gospel every day to millions through podcasts, devotionals, videos, live events and more. Matt and his wife Michelle and their three children live near Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can follow Matt on social media at @evangelistmatt and at thinke.org

The Impact God is Allowing Us to Have

Think Eternity impacts five million people a month with the gospel online & through live events.

Matt Brown & Think Eternity have been featured on Moody Radio, Desiring God, LifeWay, Outreach Magazine, The Bible App, Pure Flix, The 700 Club, Christianity Today, CBN, TBN, Daystar, GodTV & by other leading ministry outlets. 

Click the image above to watch John Jessup, anchor of CBN News share a 700 Club feature about Matt Brown & Think Eternity.

Click the image above to watch John Jessup, anchor of CBN News share a 700 Club feature about Matt Brown & Think Eternity.

Organizations don't last forever. Only the Church lives on. Think Eternity does ministry from the local church, with the local church, and for the local church.

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Our Ministry Resources To Help You

Think Eternity is called by God to spread the gospel to as many people as we can…

And to help believers build their lives around the gospel…

and God has led us to fulfill this calling through 5 strategies:

Spreading the gospel through…
Outreaches & Live Events

For thousands of years, God has used Bible preaching, and the proclamation of the gospel to impact lives, families, communities and nations.

Spreading the gospel through…
Digital Missions

This is the largest gospel opportunity in the history of America. No other generation has had the opportunity to spread the gospel through the internet & social media. God has strategically positioned our Ministry to step into this opportunity.

  • By God’s grace, we have shared gospel content with 65 Million people over the past year. By God’s grace, we are touching millions of people who need hope every month.

  • We minister to more than two million followers on social media daily.

  • Every 18 hours someone indicates a decision of new faith in Christ as a result of our digital missions efforts. And we strategically help them grow in their new faith in Christ.

  • God has given us a burden to raise up 1,000 “Digital Billy Graham’s” to also impact culture for Christ.

Spreading the gospel through…
DevotionaL Content

God has called us to spread the gospel to as many people as we can, and to help believers build their lives around the gospel.

  • We share devotional content with more than two million followers on social media daily.

  • We share several new devotional blogs each week with tens of thousands of readers. We want to be the hub featuring some of the most spiritually uplifting devotional content anywhere on the internet.

  • We share devotional content in other ways, such as magazine columns, e-books, and devotionals on the YouVersion Bible App.

  • Matt Brown has written and co-authored 8 books, and 1 Video Bible Study Curriculum. His most recent book is Truth Plus Love: The Jesus Way to Influence published by Zondervan / HarperCollins.

Spreading the gospel through…
Mentoring Young Influencers

We can’t reach the world for Jesus alone. God has put a burden on our hearts to encourage the faith and calling of the next generation.

  • We hold several gatherings a year aimed at mentoring and encouraging several hundred young influencers with a collective 400 million followers on social media (more than the population of the USA.)

Spreading the gospel through…

In a world full of bad news, we Share the Good News as we have media opportunities.

  • We release a weekly podcast show called “Think Eternity with Matt Brown” where Matt interviews godly Christian leaders, such as Max Lucado, Greg Laurie, Lee Strobel, Louie Giglio, Christine Caine & more about their personal journeys, and what God has done in their lives, in order to encourage & build the listener’s faith.

  • We produce short gospel videos on social media and the Christian Broadcasting Network each month where Matt Brown engages the next generation with the truths of God’s Word.

  • We produce radio “short features” called “Think Eternity with Matt Brown”. These are available now for syndication to radio networks and stations worldwide.

  • Matt Brown is a frequent guest on TV, radio, and podcast shows, and has also been featured on interviews for several major Hollywood movie studios.

FUNDING That Is Allowing Greater Impact to Happen

Think Eternity is funded through the generosity of friends like you. We are incredibly grateful to the tribe of friends who want to see the gospel get out to more people. We need your support. Would you consider joining in the furthering impact of this ministry by becoming a monthly supporter at $10 a month?

We Are Always Happy to Connect With You

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