Promo Codes That Saved Me Money

Michelle got me addicted to saving money.  One of my favorite things to do now, anytime I buy something online is to google the product name with "promo code" on the end.

The best coupon site, and the one I usually end up finding something on is


I did this recently and got 12% off a Midwest airlines flight!  I'm not seeing the same promo currently.


I got a 15% lifetime discount off my TypePad blog! (VRWEBINAR)


I got 50% off every cost point to buy new prayer cards from  Instead of being $100+ (1,500 glossy, color back and front w/ 3 uploaded personal graphics) it was $54!  Had to click and go through


I got 40% lifetime discount off my domain names: and! It looks on the site like there are even bigger savings (80% off) currently.


Why would anyone ever pay full price again?