It's All About The Gospel

God has provided some amazing opportunities to create dozens of Gospel videos that help answer life's toughest questions. Check them out below:


Latest Message From Matt Brown


GOSPEL VIDEO Series From Think Eternity


The Good Race Series in partnership with LightWorkers

Believing the Bible 

There's a compelling story of Billy Graham early in his ministry when he's discouraged, but through prayer, he realizes that he had to believe in God's Word through faith.


What is The Goal of Faith?

When you're wondering if the race you're running in life is the right one, keep your eyes on the prize.


Where Is God In The MIdst Of Pain?

Have you ever wondered, "Where is God? during painful times of your life?


Can the Christian Life Be Exciting?

Your relationship with the Lord is all about nurturing a connection.


Does God Want Us To Be Holy Or Happy?

Is it better to be holy or happy?


Is There Power To Forgive?

God calls us to forgive, but is it always possible?


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