Why You Need to Get to the Top of Google

Reading The Purple Cow by Seth Godin and thinking about marketing. Godin states that the Advertising Age is dead. 

Because of the mass of commercials we see and hear in any given day, we just don't care anymore. We don't pay attention. What matters to us is our friend's opinions, especially those friends we trust for saavy product advice. People who've led us to other good products in the past. 

Michelle and I were talking about this, this morning over coffee and I began to realize that google has a different platform in my life. When I look at google, I rarely go past the first page (3 times in my life that I can recollect). Google has a special place in my mind to deliver information and products. 

So, whether it's for a product or service (like a church or ministry) we all better figure out a way to be up there on that list.  Welcome to the google age.